Working Safely - Restaurants and Bars

Many businesses are looking for guidelines on how to get their operations up and running. Few are as under as much pressure to offer services and to offer them safely as restaurants and bars.

The key to working safely during coronavirus for restaurants and bars is to keep distancing possible. This means restrictions on how kitchen space is used and primarily operating as a takeaway for the current time.

To operate a business safely is to operate in a conscience way that allows a slow return to normal, not a swift return to lockdowns. To this end, each step in opening needs to be taken slowly and with a full understanding of the risks of each.

The following elaborates on safety recommends and how each will help to lead to fully reopening.

Working Safely During Coronavirus

Operating a business during the re-opening period of the pandemic comes with numerous challenges.

The safety of the staff needs to be kept in mind to keep the business open and able to deliver a quality service to the community. If the staff is ill or doesn't have the necessary safety and protection on the job, it will quickly put the public in jeopardy.

Running a business with what's essentially a new operating paradigm leaves a lot of room for unknowns. This makes executing a business plan difficult for even veteran business owners.

One way to stay ahead of potential pitfalls is to use search tools developed for finding support. Knowing what other businesses need help with strongly indicates areas that are changing at this time.

Restaurants and Bars

Food handling always comes with a risk to public health. When conditions of hygiene and sanitation deteriorate, the public faces the brunt of that cost.

On-Site Precautions

Ordering processes should be moved to phone and online only. Deploy signage to alert customers to ordering rules and pick up restrictions.

Food should be picked up at a designated spot and one at time. Customers need to stay distances and not congregate at a pickup location.

Menus, if complicated and diverse, should be trimmed to a few core items. This lowers congestion in the kitchen and prep area. Ideally, kitchen workers should stay distanced throughout service.

Check staff for fever at the start of each day and direct them to report any feelings of illness during the shift. Provide PPE and clean kitchen surfaces both thoroughly and periodically.

Takeaway Precautions

Takeaway offers the highest degree of safety for delivery drivers and customers. The virus doesn't adhere well to food packaging.

Reassure customers that food preparation temperatures already account for the range needed to kill the virus.

Don't worry if the area hasn't been licensed for selling takeaway, that falls under one of several restrictions eased at this time.

If selling alcohol it's still necessary to have the license to sell and all deliveries need to be done in a sealed container.

The Bottom Line

Working safely during coronavirus for restaurants and bars is important to prevent a second wave. However, no amount of safety is going to provide the same returns as pre-lockdown. To stay in business, contact KG Accountants for tips on money-saving measures.

Outdoor Environments, Construction Sites, Factories and Takeaways

The new guidance covers 8 workplace settings which can be open, from outdoor environments and construction sites to factories and takeaways. Find out more.

A downloadable notice is included in the documents, which employers should display in their workplaces to show their employees, customers, and other visitors to their workplace, that they have followed this guidance.

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