Help with Filing CIC Accounts with Companies House & HMRC?

Community interest Company Accounts

Irrespective of the size, every CIC needs to file a set of accounts and also to submit a CIC tax return (Form ct600) and we agree that CIC company accounts preparation, adhering to deadlines and producing them in iXBRL format accepted by HMRC is a tough task for sure!

At KG Accountants, We ensure your CIC 34 Form and community interest company report is prepared and filed before the deadline so that you never have to incur penalties.


What you want to do

How you can do it

1. Gather ALL receipts, Bills & Letters

Look through your emails and filing cabinets.

2. UTR Number (10 Digits Number): You need this to file the CIC Tax return. Look through letters received from HM Revenue and customs

If you lost the correspondence, Phone HM Revenue and customs for a duplicate copy.

3. Bank statements: Make sure you have all the bank statements covering the financial Period.

If you have some missing statements, simply call your bank to send you duplicate copies.

4. Account Software: Using an online software like QuickBooks online or google sheets might make it easier.

Make sure You know how to do bookkeeping otherwise Just get an Accountant to do it for you.

5. Income and Expenditure Report: You need to record all Income and expenses for the financial Year before running off this report.

CIC Accounts: From the Income and expenditure report, you will then be able to prepare the Statutory Accounts suitable for Submission to Companies House and HM Revenue and customs.

6. FILE Accounts with Companies House

At the current time, you can only send the accounts by post only. The online system is still not working yet. Please Allow enough time when filing!!

7. FILE Accounts with HM Revenue and customs

These can only be filed online. You will need to have a tax account before you can submit the Accounts. Also, you need a UTR (Tax reference Number) This can be found on any letter you received from HMRC.

8. FILE CIC Tax Return With HMRC Revenue & Customs

Use HMRC’s online service or simply get an Accountant to help you.

9. Work out Corporation tax payable: You need to work out the tax the CIC Needs to pay and put this information on the tax return.

Payment Deadline to pay corporation tax: Make a note of the payment Amount and due date to avoid late payment charges and hefty penalties.

All our fees are fixed.

By giving you a fixed and competitive price, we can take the worry away when it comes to preparing the statutory Accounts and Tax returns; allowing you to concentrate on running your business!

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