Becoming a Client

To ensure compliance with Money Laundering Regulations, we need to verify your proof of ID and address before starting any work. You can complete this verification at your nearest post office or by visiting our office.

Please choose one of the following options for providing your identification:

Option 1: Visit Your Nearest Post Office. The post office will certify copies of your passport and bank statements for a small fee. You can then post these certified copies to your branch office or upload them to your client portal. Here is the link below

Option 2: Visit Our Office. If you prefer to bring your ID to our office, please let us know your preferred date and time for the visit. We will ensure the receptionist is expecting you. Please let us know which option you prefer and, if applicable, your intended visit date and time.

Please let us know which option you prefer and, if applicable, your intended visit date and time.

How to set up a Direct Debit with KG Accountants

For your convenience, KG Accountants would prefer to set up Direct Debit with you to collect funds from your account automatically when they are due. Click the Set up Direct Debit button below to get set up.

Please kindly CLICK HERE to set up a Direct Debit.

Step 1 - Contact the organisation you wish to pay

When you set up with KG Accountants, They'll arrange for you to complete a Direct Debit via Go Cardless.

Step 2 - Complete the Direct Debit Instruction
You'll need to provide:
Your name and email address.
The name and address of your bank or building society
Your bank or building society account number
The branch sort code of your bank or building society (see your debit card or banking app)

  • The name(s) on the account.

Go Cardless will update its payment records and forward the Instruction onto your bank or building society. They'll then collect the agreed amounts on the agreed dates.

Step 3 - Check the advance notice details

KG Accountants will give you advance notice of collection dates and amounts, whether you set up a Direct Debit by telephone, online or using a paper form. Check these details are correct and contact us straight away if you want to query anything.

Step 4 - Relax

Apart from making sure you've enough money in your account when payment is due, there's nothing more you have to do.

Benefit of setting up a Direct Debit

It saves you time. Modern life is hectic – but Direct Debit helps. It takes away much of the hassle associated with paying bills, and means that you can spend more time doing the things you want to. You’ll find it easier to stay on top of your bills, and you’ll know exactly how much money is going out each month. For businesses paying by Direct Debit also means reduced workload and paperwork for your finance department. It really is a win-win.

Please kindly CLICK HERE to set up a Direct Debit.