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Whether you’re a subcontractor or a contractor, Constrution Industry Scheme (CIS) is a stressful, maddeningly complex set of laws, rules, guidelines, and demands.

You might spend days on one construction job just trying to meet all of the demands as laid about by CIS.

Did you really become a contractor to deal with paperwork, finances, and the possibility of government officials in your business?

If not, the let KG Accountants in London handle everything.

KG Accountants is your CIS-compliance partner

We let you get back to work

At KG Accountants, we understand all of the ins & outs of CIS.

We assume the responsibility of making sure that everything as required by CIS.

For over 15 years, the team at KG Accountants has helped hundreds of construction firms and subcontractors meet their legal requirements. And we do it at a price that’s affordable to every size business.

  • Register your business with HMRC as a contractor
  • Verify your subcontractors with HMRC
  • Help you pay your subcontractors correctly
  • Supply dedication
Let KG handle your CIS work
Construction Accounting image
Construction Accounting image

We can also help you with all of your general business need as well:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • Taxes
  • Sub-contractor Pay slips and Annual statements
  • Company formation
  • Payroll Services
  • Much more

KG Accountants is your construction business partner!

All-in-One – Agile – Scalable – Personal

For CIS compliance and more, KG Accountants is your team!

Let KG handle your CIS work

How KG Accountants can help

  • Help and assist you to fully comply with the government guidelines on managing the risk of Covid19.
  • Forecasting – both for your own planning and for the business loan applications.
  • Help prepare simple cash flow monitoring tool to ensure your road to recovery is as smooth as possible.
  • How to set up a payment plan with HMRC.
  • Businesses who have negotiated a rent holiday.
  • Our regular blog on how you can get funding during this pandemic.
  • Everything you need to know on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and furloughing.
  • Managing your personal finances – our financial planning team’s top tips.
  • If there’s anything else you need help with not listed above, please ask, and we’ll find a way.

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