Transforming Impact: Steps to Convert Your Business into a CIC

Welcome to "Transforming Impact," your go-to resource for businesses seeking to make a meaningful difference through Community Interest Company (CIC) conversion.

Discover the essential steps to align your business with social objectives and create a lasting impact on your community.

Converting to a CIC (10 easy steps to take below):

  1. Check Eligibility:
    • Ensure that your existing business is eligible for conversion to a CIC.
  2. Board Approval:
    • Obtain approval from the board of directors or members to proceed with the conversion.
  3. Amend Articles of Association:
    • Update your company's Articles of Association to align with the requirements of a CIC.
  4. Notify Companies House:
    • Inform Companies House about the decision to convert, and submit the necessary documents.
  5. Update Governance Structure:
    • Ensure that your governance structure, including directors and members, complies with CIC regulations.
  6. Adopt Social Objects:
    • Ensure that your CIC's social objectives are clearly defined in the updated Articles of Association.
  7. Legal and Financial Compliance:
    • Comply with legal and financial requirements associated with the conversion process.
  8. Communication:
    • Communicate the conversion to relevant stakeholders, including employees, customers, and suppliers.
  9. Transfer of Assets:
    • If applicable, transfer assets from the existing business to the newly formed CIC.
  10. Launch and Monitor:
    • Launch the CIC and monitor its activities to ensure ongoing compliance with CIC regulations.

It's advisable to seek professional advice, such as consulting with a solicitor or business advisor, to ensure that you navigate the legal and regulatory requirements successfully during both the formation and conversion processes.

Additionally, stay updated with the latest regulations, as they may evolve over time.

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