Client Identification

1. Proof of Identity

The primary form of identification must bear a photograph and signature. We prefer to see the original document, but if this is not possible, copies must be certified as a true copy of the original. Acceptable forms of identity include:

  • Full UK or foreign passport

  • Full UK or foreign photo card driving licence

  • Photo card national identity card

Note: The passport, driving licence or national identity card must be valid, up to date, be signed by the holder and include a photograph.

2. Proof of Address

    The second form of identification will need to confirm your permanent residential address;

    Full UK photo card driving licence bearing your residential address (if you have not already provided it as your proof of identity);

    UK or foreign bank credit card / bank statement (dated within the last three months and not printed from an online banking facility);

    UK mortgage statement (dated within the last 12 months and not printed from an online account);

    UK council tax bill (for the current year);

    Letter/bill from utility company (less than 3 months old, except for water bills, which must relate to the current charging period). The letter you receive must confirm you receive a service from the company and cannot be printed from an online account. Unfortunately, mobile phone bills are not accepted;

    UK TV Licence letter or Direct Debit schedule (less than 12 months old). This should confirm your name, address and existence of a TV Licence.

3. Certification of Documents

A comprehensive list of professions who can certify documents can be found by clicking here.

You cannot ask someone to countersign your passport if you’re:

  • Related to them by birth or marriage;
  • In a relationship with or live at the same address as them.

4. Certification Requirements

The person providing the certification must:-

  • Use a firms’ stamp or, if not available, provide an accompanying letter on company letterhead confirming which documents have been certified.
  • Provide the certification (including the firms stamp if used) directly on the copy of each document including:
    • State to be a “Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me”;
    • Print his/her name clearly in capitals;
    • Sign and date the copy document;
    • Clearly indicate his/her position;
    • Provide the name and address of the firm that they are employed by;
    • Provide the name of the institution that they are a member of together with their membership number, if applicable.

Note: Documents that have been certified on the reverse of the document’s copy are not acceptable. The certifiers need to certify the pages that contain the copies of your documents.

For security reasons if sending originals of the above documents through the post, please ensure you use Special/Recorded delivery as we cannot be held responsible for their safe receipt. Documents should be sent to the Compliance Manager at KG Accountants, clearly marked with your name if not obvious.

We also use an online electronic verification check for our records.

We must also be informed if you are a politically exposed person (PEP) or if you are immediately connected to someone who is, i.e. a spouse, parent or child.