Setting up with KG Accountants

What information to send when switching to KG Accountants

Where applicable, you should send the following information through to us once you instruct us as your accountant. This will ensure we have all the necessary information on file in order to efficiently act on your behalf. If you are unsure about any of the information requested, here is our simple guide to help you collate everything.

Your Full Legal Name

This should be your full name as stated on any legal documentation, such as your passport, as well as your name shown known to HMRC, which should be on any HMRC documentation you have. We may also need to see your marriage/civil partnership certificate if you have changed your name.

Your Residential and Business Address

Your current residential address should be provided as well as any previous address(es) if moved within the last 3 years. We will also need your business address where you trade from if different.

Unique Tax Reference (UTR) Number

This 10 digit reference number can often be found on relevant HMRC documentation concerning your personal affairs or the company. This number is created by HMRC once you have been registered and each individual, company, partnership, LLP or other entity (such as pension scheme or trust) will have its own UTR number. If you received any letters from HMRC, It should be on top of most letters or correspondence.

National Insurance (NI) Number

This 9 digit code is issued to you when you turn 16 and will have featured on any employment documents you will have received and HMRC documentation.

Company Authorisation Code (CAC) Reference

This 6 character reference code will have been issued and sent to you shortly after setting up your company, if applicable, and will also be shown on the annual Confirmation Statement reminder. Do not worry if you can not find or locate it, talk to us about obtaining a duplicate copy.

VAT Number

If you are VAT registered we will need your VAT number where we are preparing your VAT Returns. You should let us know if you are VAT registered. This 9 digit number is issued by HMRC once you VAT register and is shown on your VAT Registration Certificate. We would need a copy of this.

PAYE Reference Number

If you have a PAYE scheme, this is the reference that HMRC will have given you as an employer, which is usually 3 numbers followed by a forward slash and a further reference, ie xxx/xxxxxx. You should also have been given an Accounts Office Reference Number which you would use to pay your PAYE.

Registered Address

Your registered office is the address your company is registered to with Companies House. Do let us know if you would like to change your registered office address.

If you unable to source any of this information, please let us know and we will be able to help you.